Honor Stoles

(Optional & Additional Honor for Graduating Members Only)

Kappa Delta Pi members who demonstrate service and commitment to the Honor Society goals throughout the year can earn a special stole to wear at graduation. Honor stoles are awarded to graduating members who have satisfied the optional service requirements at the KDP Annual Induction Ceremony held in April. Ideally, Service Honor Stole activity should be a mixture of service to the chapter, to the profession, and to the community at large. At least 30 points must be accrued each year in order to earn the Service Honor Stole.

(Deadline to Submit Honor Stole Verification Form:  March 15, 2018)

There are three ways to earn points your 30 points each year:

Attending meetings/programs/co-sponsored programs: 5 points for each meeting/program attended. Completed kdp.org webinars count as online programs (5 points each only with printout of the verification e-mail from kdp.org that the session was completed). 

KDP webinars (2 webinar minimum for undergraduates; 3 webinar minimum for graduates in on-campus programs): 5 points each

Volunteer Service: 15 points = 30 hours of service. (i.e. Any educationally or community oriented service that is verified.  Points should be a mixture of service and on-campus program attendance)

Honor Stoles are awarded at the KDP Induction Ceremony held in April, a couple weeks before Commencement in May.   (This Spring: April 29, 2018 at 11 am (10:30am line up).

Please read them carefully before submitting them.  Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.

Additional information on service requirements and Service Honor Stole forms can be obtained by contacting Dr. Omayra Arocho, Assistant Dean, College of Education and Human Services, at 973-761-9661 or Dr. Lauren McFadden, Department of Educational Studies, at lauren.mcfadden@shu.edu.