Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Research Methods & Design Session - January 28th

Please RSVP to kdpxigamma@gmail.com by January 24 if you plan on attending.  Thank you!

Thank You For Your Feedback - Keep It Coming!

Xi Gamma would like to thank our members who have already filled out our programming survey and provided us with valuable feedback for future programs.  Please feel free to keep sending us your comments! A link to the survey was sent to all active members.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Spring 2014 Xi Gamma E-board Elections

It is time to nominate KDP members for Spring 2014 Executive Board Elections! 

Xi Gamma is requesting nominations for active status KDP Xi Gamma members who have supported previous programming and would like to contribute to the chapter’s leadership and growth.  Active Xi Gamma members may self-nominate.  Name, contact e-mail and the position you are nominating the member for should be e-mailed to kdpxigamma@gmail.com or called in to Omayra Arocho at 973-761-9661 by Friday, January 24, 2014.  Elections (online, mail & in-person) will be held in February (TBA).

Office of the President
Primary responsibilities: Preside over Executive Board and general meetings. Ensure completion of all officer reports by due date. Assist in recruiting and retaining members.  Inform members of available scholarships and encourage the chapter to apply for awards and grants. Update social media pages.

Office of the Vice President
Primary responsibilities: Survey member interests.  Preside over Program Committee. Update social media pages.

Office of the Treasurer
Primary responsibilities: Maintain an accurate ledger of chapter’s finances. May preside over an optional, but recommended, Fundraising Committee in order to benefit the chapter financially.

Office of the Historian/Public Relations
Primary responsibilities: Capture the chapter’s events in pictures and narratives and submit an electronic or hard copy history once or twice a year to Headquarters.  Share info on social media pages.

Office of the Secretary
Primary responsibilities: Coordinate communication to membership. Maintain minutes of KDP meetings.

Please Note:  Each officer will have an opportunity to coordinate one KDP program per semester with the assistance and support of Xi Gamma’s Executive Board members.  Executive Board members are expected to attend all Executive board meetings with KDP advisors, KDP programs and the KDP New Member Induction in April.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Rev. Msgr. Kevin Hanbury (BA’68, MDM’75, EDS’79, EDD’85) embodied the concept of mission through action. Whether as pastor at St. Philomena’s parish, as Vicar of Education in the Archdiocese of Newark, or as an Associate Dean at the CEHS, Msgr. Hanbury was always on the move, with a sense of purpose. He modeled a life committed to service with his drive to care, nurture, and empower those who were challenged or in need. Some inspire others to serve only by their words. Msgr. Hanbury did it all; inspired, motivated, led by example, and demonstrated how service to others represents a meaningful option in people’s lives. Through his development of the EPICS and Catholic School Leadership programs at Seton Hall, Msgr. Hanbury created pathways for those interested in Catholic education to serve children in great need throughout the Archdiocese. The ripple effect of his commitment to his missions have and will continue to profoundly impact generations as teachers, leaders, families, and students benefit from his actions.
The College of Education and Human Services at Seton Hall University is proud that Msgr. Hanbury was an alumnus. We now wish to honor the work of other alumni/ae who embody Msgr. Hanbury’s passion and commitment to serve. Service to others may come in many forms; large and public or small and personal. However, the common characteristic is that the provider is committed to improving the well-being of another, believing that all people deserve to be recognized, respected, and valued. The recipient of the CEHS Mission Award will be someone who, like Msgr. Hanbury, creates a ripple positively affecting many lives through his or her actions.
The Msgr. Hanbury CEHS Alumni/ae Mission Award will be given each year in memory of his legacy to serve. Nominations from CEHS alumni/ae and faculty will be requested in January and February of each year with the award given in late spring.
The recipient will meet the following criteria and be selected by the Dean: Be an alumnus/a of the College of Education and Human Services (may be a graduate from any of the academic programs in the college; Educational Studies, Education Leadership, and Professional Psychology and Family Therapy Programs). 
  • Be actively engaged in performing an activity, perhaps through work or outside of employment (e.g. church, voluntarism, pro bono work, etc.) which demonstrates service or mission in action. 
  • Be recognized by the nominator, and others, for actions that support and contribute to improving the lives of others. The service may be a well-recognized program or event as well as a smaller, but regularly occurring action, all of which positively affects others. 
  • Be focused on helping people rather than being recognized for doing so.

If you would like to nominate an alumnus/a for the Hanbury Award, please fill out the form and submit it by February 20, 2014.