Monday, September 24, 2012

In Loving Memory of Dr. Joseph DePierro

Dr. DePierro loved Seton Hall and especially the College of Education and Human Services. He was an undergraduate at SHU, a faculty member, program director, department chair, accreditation leader, and our dean. He was a leader that inspired hard work, innovation, and devotion to the central tenets of our college mission: service to children, families, and communities.

Dean Joe loved coming to work as our leader. He embraced challenges and saw them as opportunities. He welcomed new ideas and encouraged creativity. He celebrated our victories and cheered us on. Like an actor’s director, he was a professor’s dean. At heart, Dr. DePierro was a natural teacher who never lost his passion for what it meant to trigger the ‘aha’ moment for a student.

Dr. DePierro’s memory will remain with us, supported by the programs, relationships, and opportunities he helped to create.

In memory of our colleague, leader, and friend,
Grace M. May


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