Monday, November 12, 2012

SHU Social Mentors Needed - 15 Honor Stole Points

15 Honor Stole Points for Involvement in the SHU Mentoring Program Below: The Center for Multiculturalism & Civic Engagement (CMCE) and the Office of International Programs (OIP) are seeking people like YOU, who are enthusiastic about meeting people of different cultures, who have an interest in making connections, participating in campus life events, as well as, encouraging active involvement in student organizations through a Social Mentoring program. The goal of the Social Mentor’s Program is to facilitate social interaction between Seton Hall local and international students. Navigation through a different culture and environment can be challenging. With your participation in this program, we are certain to provide a friendly campus where international students can feel comfortable, welcome and included. Our hope is that you, as a Social Mentor, will be able to provide information and resources, and that together, we will identify the needs of our international student population. Our mentors and mentees will have an opportunity to connect and communicate at our monthly meeting with the goal of integrating international students into campus life. We are asking that you attend at least one event, every two weeks, with your mentee. Our next monthly meeting will take place Wednesday, November 14, 2012 in the evening. If you are interested, please send an e-mail to . Please also remember that many of our international students will not be able to go home for Thanksgiving, if you and your family would like to host an international student for Thanksgiving dinner, please indicate this in your e-mail. Rosario Reyes Associate Dean for Community Development and Student Activities Maria Bouzas Director of International Programs

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