Saturday, July 9, 2016

*NEW POST* Celebrating Our Chapter Accomplishments!

Dearest Members,
Our chapter has been awarded four 2015-2016 Kappa Delta Pi Awards for Education Excellence!  
Our chapter will also be formally recognized with plaques at Convocation 2017 in Pittsburgh, PA on October 26-28, 2017
The four awards received for this past academic year are:
2015-2016 Distinguished Chapter Officer Award – Daria Pizzuto
Daria was selected as one of the 12 honored recipients of the 2015-2016 Distinguished Chapter Officer Award.  With more than 3,000 active chapter officers annually, this is quite an accomplishment.

2015-2016 Communications Chapter Program Award
With the help of several team members providing information, resources and program flyers, Sarah has done an incredible job creating and circulating our KDP newsletter The Honor.  Social media communication via Twitter and Facebook has put Xi Gamma on the map, made KDP headquarters notice us and has engaged our members, thanks to Daria and Catherine.  Xi Gamma was one of three honored recipients for this award.

2015-2016 Education for Sustainable Development Chapter Program Award
Xi Gamma was one of the two honored recipients for this award.  Lindsay Blevins coordinated CPSA and KDP’s “SHU Talks” Special Edition: Examining Race within Higher Education and Counseling with the following faculty from Professional Psychology and Family Therapy: Dr. Christiana Awosan, Dr. Ben Beitin, Dr. Rebecca Campón and Dr. Daniel Cruz.  This program was done following a variety of racially-related incidents around the country, particularly on college campuses.  Xi Gamma was honored for addressing the topic with experts that could facilitate a dialogue about such a sensitive topic in a safe space.

2015-2016 Professional Development Chapter Program Award
Xi Gamma was selected as one of the ten honored recipients. With more than six hundred active chapters completing multiple programs annually, this is an amazing achievement. 

Our chapter consistently provided a variety of programs that not only targeted professional development, but many times added an additional social or community-oriented component.  I contacted headquarters after noticing that only one program could be submitted.  However, our chapter was allowed to list all of the programs Xi Gamma facilitated during the year as an addendum to the one program that would be used to answer all the required award criteria questions.  The program described in detail was Children of Unauthorized Immigrants which was also featured in the KDP blog and website.  The last page included a smaller version of each flyer from each of your programs for Fall 2015 & Spring 2016.  As a result, Xi Gamma received a perfect score!  Congratulations everyone!!!

What an honor for our chapter, for the College of Education and Human Services and Seton Hall University!

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